I’ve been going to Moon Valley Barber Shop for a couple years now and more than happy to recommend them to my friends and family. They have been consistent in their quality each and every visit. Comfortable atmosphere, friendly staff, low wait time and hot towel/massage at the end. I love it! Other big chain barber shops were unable to meet my expectations of the haircut I was looking for. Keep up the good work!

Ryan P.Customer

Sergey did an excellent job on my fade, exactly what I told him I wanted. The vacuum on the buzzer allows you to leave without being itchy. Nice job!

Zack B.Customer

I get my hair done here every other week. They do a very very good job. This is my new regular barbershop. I came from l.a where you can find a good barber all over. Ive been out here for over five months and finally found a good barber.

David A.Customer

Quite simply, the very best "high & tight" military haircut I've received from any human being EVER in my life. Great lady from Ukraine(?) got the job done perfectly when I threw out the word "military". Outstandingly accurate & professional haircut. I'm 62. Let's just say I've had a few haircuts. This one was the best of all of them!

Roger C.Customer